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ON BALANCE founder Laurie Sherman publishes on management and leadership, often in the context of social justice. Her 2020 book was awarded that year's Writer's Digest’s Prize for non-fiction.

Chasing Social Justice:

How Do We Advance the Work that Matters Most? 

is available through:

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"Laurie Sherman’s remarkable new book is a welcome affirmation of advocacy and organizing when trying to solve our most intractable problems."

~ PAUL GROGAN, President of The Boston Foundation, co-author of Comeback Cities

"The author draws us in with stories that open our hearts, and then draws out the lessons from each one."

~ BRIAN CORR, National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement, Massachusetts Democratic State Committee

"Sherman draws on a deep well of experience to offer inspiration, wit, and wisdom. Her stories open our imaginations to what is possible -- and also might prevent a few unnecessary side trips and reinvented wheels."

~ CHUCK COLLINS, Author of Born on Third Base

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